Jeffrey Jordan lands at Central Florida

Central Florida? Where? Why?

Those are the three questions most asked of Michael Jordan's youngest son, Marcus Jordan, when the No. 59-ranked shooting guard in the class of 2009 decided to play his college basketball as a UCF Knight last year. The answers were simple, actually: UCF was a place Jordan could step in right away and play plenty of minutes, as opposed to using his name recognition to get a spot at a larger school where he wouldn't play as much and wouldn't have the chance to build gaudy stats in the early part of his college career.

Marcus' older brother Jeffrey took a different tact when he first chose his college, playing as a walk-on at Illinois. Jeff Jordan eventually earned a scholarship, quit the team last summer, came back for the 2009-10 season, and then decided to leave Illinois altogether last week.

Guess where he's going to transfer? Yep: Central Florida. You could ask the same questions -- why Central Florida? -- of Jeffrey, but they're even simpler to explain than during Marcus' decision period. His brother's already there. Apparently, he likes the school. Yadda, yadda, yadda, Jeffrey Jordan's a UCF Knight. That easy.

Jeffrey will play his final year of college eligibility as a walk-on. His brother will be a sophomore. According to my calculations, that means the UCF Knights will have the two spawn of the single greatest basketball player of all-time playing for them at the same time. This sounds more awesome than it actually is, of course -- neither Jeffrey nor Marcus has shown much in the way of being an impact player at the college level -- but still, if you're a UCF fan, that's kind of awesome, right?