Calipari, Bledsoe in no mood to comment

Reporters at the SEC meetings Wednesday were able to track down Kentucky coach John Calipari to see what comment he might offer about the New York Times report that former player Eric Bledsoe is the subject of an NCAA investigation regarding possible improper benefits received in high school.

Calipari sidestepped some questions, according to the Birmingham News:

Asked if he stands behind how he evaluates transcripts, Calipari responded: "What? What kind of question do you ask me? I already told you the school commented on that."

Calipari said "we're good on that" when asked if he has talked with Bledsoe. Calipari said he would rather not have the controversy, "but I can't control if somebody chooses to write something. I don't have any control over that."

Asked if he thinks people are going to continuing coming after him because of his success in recruiting, Calipari responded: "One thing I will say is coaching at Kentucky is like being in politics. You've got your core group that absolutely loves you and the others are trying to unseat you. That's just how it is if you're at Kentucky."

Meanwhile, the Courier-Journal today got to Bledsoe following his workout with the Indiana Pacers, but he declined to address the report as well.

Bledsoe said that his focus was on being the second point guard taken in the NBA Draft after his former UK teammate John Wall.

"That's all I'm trying to do right now, come in and work and try to be a lottery [pick]," Bledsoe said.