Tournament Challenge: Elite Eight is set, and nobody picked all eight

Williams: Bagley and Carter the difference for Duke (0:51)

Jay Williams breaks down how Duke pulled out the victory against Syracuse. (0:51)

Here are some Tournament Challenge takeaways following Friday’s games:

• Although there were four brackets that correctly predicted the first seven teams to make the Elite Eight, none of those entries included No. 3 Texas Tech. That means there are zero out of 17,304,320 brackets that correctly predicted all the Elite Eight teams.

• Some 629,629 out of 17,304,320 entries failed to get any Elite Eight teams correct.

• More brackets picked No. 2 Duke to be in the Final Four, championship game and to win the title than the Blue Devils' Elite Eight opponent, No. 1 Kansas.

• It's been a wild tourney, but 58.7 percent of brackets have both No. 1 Villanova and No. 1 Kansas in the Elite Eight.

• Entering the tournament, Villanova was picked to make the Elite Eight (74.2 percent) and Final Four (58.4 percent) in more brackets than any other team.

• Some 37 percent of entries correctly predicted that No. 1 Kansas and No. 2 Duke would square off in the Elite Eight. Of those brackets, 57.7 percent picked the Blue Devils to upend the Jayhawks and advance to the Final Four.

• Some 13.9 percent of entries correctly predicted that No. 1 Villanova and No. 3 Texas Tech would face each other in the Elite Eight. Of those brackets, 83.4 percent picked the Wildcats to advance to the Final Four.

Overall percentage of brackets picking each team for each round:

No. 1 Villanova -- Elite Eight: 74.2 percent; Final Four: 58.4 percent; final: 31.7 percent; champs: 16.3 percent.

No. 1 Kansas -- Elite Eight: 73.6 percent; Final Four: 29.8 percent; final: 14.7 percent; champs: 7.9 percent.

No. 2 Duke -- Elite Eight: 48.2 percent; Final Four: 30.2 percent; final: 17.5 percent; champs: 9.8 percent.

No. 3 Texas Tech -- Elite Eight: 18.9 percent; Final Four: 4.6 percent; final: 1.4 percent; champs: 0.6 percent.