MSU fans gather outside Breslin Center

Never doubt the power of the Internet. Spartan Tailgate's Red Cedar message board, a virtual legion of die-hard Michigan State fans, came up with a bold idea Thursday night. In the name of keeping Tom Izzo in East Lansing, Mich., the message board decided to take its considerable human capital to the streets. And by "streets," I mean the Magic Johnson statue at the Breslin Center.

Which led to this: A rather large gathering (hat tip to KJ at The Only Colors) replete with signs, candles and forest green T-shirts. Impressive stuff.

Of course, a loud crowd outside Izzo's workplace isn't likely to be enough to keep him in town should he decide to leave. Still, you have to appreciate the Spartan fans' enthusiasm here. Understandably, they're freaked out. Even the players are getting emotional. Derrick Nix broke out in tears when addressing reporters.

But the Izzo devotees are not just moping around in cubicles and fretting on message boards. They're organizing. IRL. If Izzo ever wanted to run for office, he'd have an awfully good grassroots movement behind him. (Unless, you know, he leaves. Not so much then.)