John Calipari exposes fake Twitter accounts

There exist numerous reasons a recruit might desire to play for Kentucky, and here's another one:

John Calipari will verify that a Twitter account in your name is actually yours.

In recent tweets to his million-plus followers, Calipari has exposed fake accounts apparently set up by impostors of incoming freshmen sensations Enes Kanter and Brandon Knight.

No, it might not really have been necessary for Calipari to make mention of Knight's fake account, given that it's a portrayal of "Sir Brandon Knight," a British knight purportedly living in Lexington who goes around tweeting things like "how art thy fam?"

But Calipari does appear to be taking a firm stand against phoniness and is providing an online service for his players because of it.

Being the real deal, after all, is so much more delightful, no?