Evan Turner is back. Uh oh.

Before he was injured, Evan Turner was good. Really good. Like, player of the year good. (This was before John Wall really hit his stride, but still.)

How good was Turner? He was averaging a double-double -- with 11-plus rebounds per game -- from the point guard spot. He had two triple-doubles in eight games, and he was filling up the margins of the stat sheet with steals and blocks and the like. He also filled it with 10 turnovers in Ohio State's loss to North Carolina -- Turner is turnover prone as a converted point guard -- but the point remains: Evan Turner was playing awesome basketball.

And then this happened. Yeah. Ouch.

The good news for Ohio State coach Thad Matta: Turner is likely to return earlier than expected. In fact, it's likely Turner will make his return Wednesday night against Indiana. Assuming Turner is healthy, this is very bad for Indiana and very good for Ohio State. Without Turner, the Buckeyes are a marginal, middle-of-the-Big Ten sort of team. They've lost to Butler, Wisconsin (two decent losses) and Michigan (a questionable loss) since Turner's ugly injury pushed him to the medical ward.

With Turner, rest assured the Buckeyes will be much better. Any team would. Newsflash, right?