Coach K won't slow down

You'd think Mike Krzyzewski would want a break. After all, he just finished winning his fourth NCAA title, the culmination of five months of continuous season and several years of recruitment and preparation. Before that, Coach K's last title came as the coach of the gold medal-winning 2008 USA Basketball team, a major commitment in its own right, and one that caused some hoops fans to wonder if Krzyzewski was stretching himself too thin.

Duke's title in 2009-10 put that notion to rest. Coach K has pretty much accomplished everything. Break time! Summer '10 -- the summer of Mike, right? Get the recliner-fridge ready. Enjoy those mid-morning naps. The summer of Mike!

Not so much. Just a few months removed from the Final Four, Krzyzewski is already gearing up for U.S. national team training camp in Las Vegas in July. And he doesn't seem all that interested in relaxation:

"I'm on to the next thing, and the next thing is getting better as a basketball coach," Krzyzewski said Monday during his annual midsummer news conference. "You've got to get better each year, so the opportunity to coach the United States gives me an opportunity to get better. I'll coach this summer more than anybody in the United States.

"I'm a basketball coach all the time. That's what I do. I don't play golf. I chase my dog, or he chases me, and I whack down some trees and bushes and play with my grandkids and drink a little bit of wine," a smiling Krzyzewski said. "I like to socialize, but I'm a basketball coach every day of my life."

Perhaps it's better that Coach K not golf. Once you start, you can't stop -- it's an addiction psychologically similar to gambling. "Oh, I just crushed that ball. That can happen all the time! I might get good at this game!" Those of you who don't golf, never start. It's the worst. (It's also kind of the best. But mostly the worst.)

Anyway, Coach K keeps motoring along, keeps splitting his time between Duke and the U.S. national team, keeps coaching non-stop. The only difference is that this time around, there shouldn't be much of a concern about Coach K's Olympic responsibilities interfering with his Duke coaching. Clearly, the man can handle both.