Drexel players wanted for robbery

Usually, offseason behavior problems in college hoops trend more toward the Notre Dame-Tim Abromaitis-minor-underage-drinking variety. Rarely do we get something as serious as armed robbery. But that's exactly what two Drexel players face today. Not good.

The players in question are Jamie Harris and Kevin Phillip. According to the Philadelphia Daily News, the two "stormed into a female Drexel student's apartment Wednesday night brandishing guns, expecting to score a big stash of cash, police said." After failing to find said cash, the two stole the woman's iPhone and made their getaway, which was caught on tape. The two are now fugitives -- yes, fugitives -- wanted for robbery, theft and conspiracy charges. Whoops.

Drexel coach Bruiser Flint was blindsided by the news:

Bruiser Flint, the head coach of Drexel's basketball team, said last night that he was unaware that two of his players were wanted by police. "I'm trying to figure this thing out," he said.

Basketball is very much a secondary concern here -- we're talking about two players still apparently on the run from police -- but the immediate implication isn't good. Phillip, a forward, was merely a role player for Drexel last season, but Harris was the team's best player, leading the Dragons in scoring and assists as a junior. Depending on how the case plays out, it's entirely possible Flint & Co. will be without both players for the upcoming season.

For now, though, basketball will come later, as the duo remains at large. Wild stuff.