Sadler wants to hire Gillispie, can't

Nebraska coach Doc Sadler is spiraling toward a new era of Nebraska hoops, so it's no wonder he'd be happy to beef up his coaching staff with help from ... former Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie? The rumor that Gillispie could be joining Sadler's staff as an assistant has had several lives in Lincoln this offseason, and it makes some amount of sense. Gillispie wants to return to coaching. He and Sadler are friends, and Gillispie helped Sadler return to high-profile hoops at UTEP after a sojourn in junior college administration.

Sadly, though, the rumor is just that: a rumor. From Omaha.com's Lee Barfknecht:

During a routine call Saturday to check in with the Nebraska men's basketball coach, I asked about the fourth iteration of the rumor -- joining the ones from April, May and June -- that former Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie is joining the Husker staff as an assistant. Sadler, who is recruiting in Las Vegas, laughed heartily.

"Like I told you before,'' Sadler said, "I've tried to hire Billy, but it ain't going to happen.''

It turns out Gillispie is waiting for a head coaching position and isn't interested in returning to the sidelines as an assistant. Which is too bad. Picturing Gillispie as an assistant under his old friend -- trying his best to keep himself from freaking out and working the sidelines like the head coach -- would have been the most entertaining thing to happen to Nebraska hoops since ... well, maybe ever. Alas, we college hoops fans will have to keep waiting for Gillispie's eventual return to the sideline. Shame, that.