Anthony Davis wants to make you sweat

At least Anthony Davis Sr. has a sense of humor about his son's recruitment. Either that, or LeBron James' legacy is already being felt, and I don't like it.

Anthony Davis Jr., as you may know, is the No. 12-ranked player (and No. 4 ranked power forward, though, given yesterday's discussion, I might start using that distinction a bit more sparingly) in the 2011 ESPNU 100. He's made a late, unexpected push up the recruiting totem pole to the point where some recruiting analysts consider him the best player in the class. And he's made his college decision. He's just not going to tell you yet.

"Yes, it’s the LeBron wait and see time," Anthony Davis Sr. told SNY's Adam Zagoria Tuesday night via text. We'll get to that in a second.

First things first: Davis' options. The forward has three schools -- Kentucky, Ohio State and DePaul -- in mind. He made his visits to each Sunday and Monday and declined to visit Syracuse and North Carolina, two of his other considerations. Davis apparently knows where he's going, but he wants to take a few weeks to let it simmer before announcing it to the world. (This is the part where DePaul fans get irrationally exuberant. Heck, even if the Blue Demons miss on Davis, the fact that Oliver Purnell's rebuilding program is even in the running with recruiting powers like Kentucky and Ohio State is a major recruiting boon.)

Which brings us back to LeBron, and Davis Sr.'s (hopefully) comedic text. In the pre-"Decision" days, a recruit taking his time to announce his decision would have been completely normal. Now it gives me pause. Plenty of young players idolize LeBron James; most of them see his career as an archetype to follow, even if they can't jump to the NBA immediately anymore. And recruits have long since taken to the big, dramatic announcement on ESPNU. Will LeBron's decision influence more recruits to do the same? Will delaying and building suspense become the newest elite prospect fad?

Let's hope not. One "Decision" was plenty. The last thing we need is 100 mini-Decisions every time a signing period rolls around.