Bobby Gonzalez looking for television work

Former Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez with his bizarre off-the-court happenings has been worthy of getting his own reality show, and who knows: Maybe that's where it's all headed toward.

In an interview with The New York Times, Gonzalez is saying he may return to college coaching "someday," but until then he might turn to the NBA or maybe even do some work on television.

"I've got some NBA stuff going on," said Gonzalez, adding that he had been in touch with several teams about becoming an assistant or a scout. He declined to name the teams.

"Or I might be in TV for a year or two. Let the smoke clear. I may get back in college someday, but I'll wait a while."

According to Gonzalez's Seton Hall bio, he has a degree in communications and experience doing TV work for NBA TV, the MSG Network and SNYtv.

Might we suggest hawking satchels on QVC? Court TV is now coincidentally called truTV and will broadcast NCAA tournament games, so that might be another fitting destination.

Stay tuned.