The Legend of Corey Fisher confirmed

It’s true.

The Legend of Corey Fisher has been affirmed.

The Villanova guard said he did, in fact, score 105 points in a summer-league game, confirming the message board and Twitter-fed buzz circling the past week.

“I kept scoring and people kept yelling,’’ Fisher said. “I had 72 after the third quarter and I just kept scoring and scoring. I didn’t realize I was near 100 and then I go to the free throw line and people started going crazy.’’

Fisher’s Wilt Chamberlain moment came during a Watson Basketball Classic Summer League game in the Bronx. He swears there was defense -- “double-team, box-and-one, zone, man,’’ he said -- and can’t recall the final score but knows he did break "someone’s record."

The someone is Fly Williams, the streetball legend who helped coin the unforgettable Austin Peay chant -- "Fly is open; let’s go Peay!" Williams dropped 100 during an IS8 League game in Jamaica, Queens in 1978.

Fisher said he had no idea how many he was scoring, but just knew that every 3-pointer he tossed up went in (somewhere Jay Wright is wondering why that never happened at Villanova. Fisher’s collegiate career high is 24 and he’s never drained more than five 3s in a game).

And he didn’t realize until after the game was over, how fast word had spread.

“I heard from everybody,’’ he said. “My Twitter account went crazy. People were calling on the phone every five minutes. I didn’t know it was going to get this big.’’

Unfortunately there is no video evidence, so skeptics will have to simply take Fisher at his word.

Or head back to Watson-Gleason Playground on Saturday night at 8.

That’s when Fisher plays again.