'John Wall Dance' inventor shot dead

If you watched college basketball in 2009-10, you saw the John Wall Dance. As Wall's national profile soared in his first year at Kentucky, his quirky little hip-hop dance -- arms up and flexed, head bobbing -- became something of a national phenomenon. ESPN examined the dance in February, when Wall wouldn't take credit for creating the dance, as he adapted it from a Louisville rapper.

That Louisville rapper's name was Kenzo, whose 2009 single "Do The Shizz" took local man Lawshawn "Sugar Shizz" Talbert's patented dance and put it to song. On Saturday, Talbert was fatally shot in Louisville, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal. He was pronounced dead three days after his arrival at University Hospital.

Strangely enough, the John Wall Dance originated in rather casual fashion. From the CJ:

[Rapper Kensey "Kenzo" Rankin] told The Courier-Journal last November that he first noticed Sugar Shizz doing the dance -- chest out, arms up, head bobbing -- at a club in 2008. And it seemed to draw a crowd.

“I saw him doing it and my buddy told me, ‘You ought to do a song about Shizz.' I was like, ‘What do you mean, do a song about him?' He said, ‘You know that dance he does, do a song about it. I'm telling you everybody loves it.'”