Jordan's sons tweet on wild Vegas weekend

Lest we forget, the University of Central Florida has a rather interesting situation on its hands in 2010-11. Thanks to Jeff Jordan's transfer this offseason, UCF fans will get to watch both of Michael Jordan's offspring -- Jeff and Marcus -- play for their team. Neither is an elite player. Jeff was a one-time walk-on and defensive specialist at Illinois, while Marcus averaged 8.0 points per game at UCF as a freshman. But still, if only for public relations purposes, having both sons of the greatest basketball player at your program is undeniably unique. And, in its own way, pretty cool.

Then again, UCF would probably prefer the Jordan boys take the celebratory tweeting down a notch. According to the Chicago Tribune, Marcus and Jeff spent the weekend with their dad in Las Vegas, where the elder Jordan was hosting his ultra-expensive fantasy basketball camp. And, as you'd expect, they had fun doing so. From a since-deleted tweet by Marcus Jordan:

"Last night was stupid," Marcus Jordan wrote on his Twitter account. "… 35k at Haze… Totals 50k something the whole day.. Damn!! Going to the pool again today.. Gotta relax!"

"Haze" is Haze Nightclub and Liquid Pool Lounge, which, at least from photos, seems about as swanky and Vegas-y as you'd imagine. According to the site, Haze "a cutting-edge space in where [sic] guests will be challenged to question their sense of perception and reality." Oh, night clubs. Somehow, you always get more ridiculous.

So why is this news? Mostly because Marcus Jordan is not yet 21 years old, which means he probably shouldn't be having his perceptions challenged in a Las Vegas nightclub. Nor should he have been so conspicuous with his Vegas excess. Everyone already knows Michael Jordan loves to tear it up in Sin City, but that's probably not an image he -- or UCF, frankly -- will want his sons associated with.

It's not a huge deal. This is the last place you'll hear moralizing about Vegas excess and unwise bar expenditures, because hey, we've all been there (relatively speaking, of course). Nor is it a huge shock to know that somewhere, someone under 21 was in a nightclub, and that person's last name happened to be Jordan. Oh well, right?

But as the season rolls around and the boys get ready for practice to begin, it's probably best to focus on hoops and keep the Vegas debauchery out of the public eye. As with basketball, I'd imagine Marcus and Jeffrey's dad can probably offer some advice on that topic, too.