Joseph Young enrolls at Houston after all

In the end, Joseph Young seems pretty upbeat. I guess that's a good thing.

The former Providence recruit who asked for a release from his national letter of intent this summer -- and was denied by both Providence coach Keno Davis and the NLI advisory, which oversees such appeals -- was adamant that he wouldn't be playing for Davis or the Friars after the release scuffle. The denied appeal will force Young to sit out a year before he can play at another school. Or, you know, play at Providence. Which, after Young's father Michael openly insulted Davis to the media, was probably not going to happen.

Young chose to wait a year and stay home. He will play at Houston, where his father, Michael, was recently named director of basketball operations. This is not a surprise; most expected Young to enroll at Houston if he was awarded his release. Nor is it a surprise that Young decided to spurn Providence even at the cost of a year of eligibility. But it is slightly surprising that he seems so pumped about it. From the Houston Chronicle:

“I’m planning on just sitting out this year, getting stronger, quicker, better,” said Joseph Young, who helped Yates win consecutive Class 4A state championships. “I think of this as a blessing from God to sit out this year. He pushed me the right way to sit out a year so I can get all my skills together, my potential.”

The original reason for Young's release request was the failing health of an aunt, who is awaiting a heart transplant. Young says his aunt told him she wanted to come see his games and, on top of that, that he "wasn't ready" to leave his mother and father behind.

Instead, Young will get plenty of face time at his father's new program, and this whole sordid recruiting mess can go away. After Davis' stubborn, counterproductive refusal and Michael Young's media outbursts, only Joseph Young, the one non-adult involved, ends up looking good. Funny how that works out.