Mark Few won't support low RPI expansion

Gonzaga coach Mark Few certainly views the addition of BYU to the WCC as a huge positive for the conference, but to be clear, he's not exactly an expansionist.

It was going to take a fortuitous development like this one for Few to get behind expansion because in Gonzaga's world, the Zags compete annually for a good seed in the NCAA tournament and do their best to schedule big games in order to achieve that goal.

So expansion for expansion's sake wasn't something Few would have supported, as he told The Spokesman-Review.

"We were going to fight any situation where you brought in a sub-150 RPI level program. That doesn't help you. This is a win-win in that regard."

In other words, Few would have come out against the idea of bringing back Seattle to the WCC. Seattle might be a faith-based West Coast institution, but it remains a transitioning Division I program currently playing as an independent.

So that means no Denver? What about Pacific?

WCC commissioner Jamie Zaninovich could very well have his sights set on rounding off the conference with a 10th team, but if you ask Few, the team better be a really good one.