Gus Johnson launches his T-shirt line

CBS play-by-play man Gus Johnson, known for his excitable calls of NCAA tournament games, has turned his "Rise and Fire" catchphrase into something you can wear.

NCAA.com has begun selling the Gus Johnson "Rise and Fire" T-shirt for $34.95, and there could very well be more in store for the GJ Enterprises logo that appears on the sleeve.

Recently in an interview with Dime Magazine, Johnson discussed the "Rise and Fire" name brand and what his plans are for the clothing line.

"Literally and theoretically, it means rise above it and fire your shot off into the world. Rise above your adversity and fire to let yourself be heard. And I think more than anything it's turned out to be an inspirational slogan for people. It's been an inspirational slogan for kids.

"Hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts -- some for guys, some for girls. Who knows what it could be down the road? Maybe it could be Rocawear. Maybe it could be FUBU or Phat Farm, you know? That's our goal or our dream, but right now we're very small. Some good things are happening, and we just want to continue to progress."