Jim Calhoun did not approve this message

Remember the guy who questioned Jim Calhoun at a postgame news conference about his salary in tough economic times and was told by the UConn coach to "shut up?"

Ken Krayeske these days is the Green Party candidate running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Connecticut, and Tuesday he released an Internet campaign commercial that features Calhoun.

"Millionaires like Jim Calhoun are one percent of America's population, but control 42 percent of America's wealth," Krayeske says. "Millionaires like Jim Calhoun donate to Democratic congressional leaders like [incumbent] John Larson, whose policies have helped create the largest gap between rich and poor in a century."

The ad also includes clips of Calhoun at the 2009 news conference sniping back at Krayeske, who was told during the verbal confrontation, "My best advice to you ... shut up."

Clearly that's something Krayeske is not willing to do.