Bob Huggins as a Huggie Bear cartoon

West Virginia coach Bob Huggins is set to begin selling a line of Huggie Bear products that features the drawing of a bear in Huggins' likeness to raise money for the cancer endowment named for his late mother.

The Huggie Bear line of T-shirts, mugs, cups and baskets is the brainchild of Huggins' sister, Debbie Bradford, and artist Jeff Moores, who attended West Virginia and did the illustration, according to the Coshocton Tribune.

He met with Bradford and Huggins to discuss ideas for the Huggie Bear line, setting into motion a creative, beneficial process.

"I drew Huggie Bear, a bear in Coach Huggins' likeness, and he liked the idea only if we donated the proceeds to his mom's charity," Moores said. "I'm excited and understanding of giving to charities. It means a lot to help out, especially with a cancer fund; my aunt, uncle and dad have had bouts with cancer. I got in touch with the hospital, and last spring, I met with Debbie who helped out with ideas and the design. We're slowly putting together ideas. We're just getting started."

Several things are in the works, including a future website of Huggie Bear's own.

Also to benefit the Norma Mae Huggins Cancer Research Foundation, Bob Huggins last season began selling the Hug-A-Bear stuffed bear for $38.99.

"My family thought this would be a way to not only honor my mother, but to also aid in cancer research and treatment," Huggins said in a statement at the time. "It is imperative that we find a cure for cancer."