Loyola Marymount has team of Terry Tates

Loyola Marymount returns four starters from a surprising 18-win team and figures to make a push this season to become a serious contender in the West Coast Conference.

To any students on campus who haven't yet realized this and continue wearing gear in support of another school, the team has issued a warning for them to keep their heads on a swivel.

In this fun video for LMU's Madness event, guard Vernon Teel channels famed office linebacker Terry Tate in tackling an annoying USC fan, screaming, "C'mon! Tell me where you go to school! You go to LMU! Don't be bringing that USC gear around here! Represent your school right!"

Students wearing UCLA, Cal, Gonzaga and Pepperdine gear are subjected to similar treatment and taunts from Teel's teammates before being offered amnesty in the form of LMU T-shirts.

"The past few years, we recognize people aren't representing the team right," Teel explains on the video. "But this year, we decided to take it into our own hands. It's about intimidation, baby! This is our campus, baby. We have to represent it right. You the fans are going to help us win the WCC championship this year, baby."

The Lions' title talk and statement about fan apathy no longer being acceptable comes at a time when coach Max Good appears to have some momentum going with the program.

LMU upset Gonzaga last season, beating a ranked team and eventually going to a postseason tournament (CIT) for the first time since 1990 when the Lions made a run to the Elite Eight in the wake of the death of star Hank Gathers.

But as a relatively small Catholic school in Los Angeles without a football team, LMU can often take a backseat to USC and UCLA when it comes to the rooting interests of its students.

One way of making them pay attention to this year's team? By drilling the idea into their heads.