Matthew Knight Arena's logo tells a story

Matthew Knight Arena is named after Nike chairman Phil Knight's late son who died in a scuba diving accident at age 34, and the arena's new logo was done in memory of Matt's "curious spirit" as well.

When Oregon begins playing games there in January, the Nike-designed logo will be located not only on the arena's website, but also at center court.

From the news release:

The design visually represents Oregon's modern graphic language, a Japanese torii gate, while also embodying Matthew Knight’s toothy grin. A torii is a traditional Japanese gate which symbolizes an entrance to a sacred place. While building the Nike brand, Phil Knight traveled many times to Japan during Matthew's childhood.

Used in conjunction with the University’s world-renowned logo, it is the smile of Matthew Knight that cradles the "O".

As a result, the logo will represent something much greater than just an identifier for a physical structure -- it will help tell a story of an arena with a soul.