John Calipari is no fan of ugly-looking suits

Louisville coach Rick Pitino has on occasion during games worn a white suit so distinctive that SportsCenter pointed out he was "channeling his inner Colonel Sanders."

To Kentucky coach John Calipari, Pitino's look and similarly showy suits are basically fashion nightmares.

The revelation came after Calipari was asked to comment on Dillard coach Dale Brown, a former Kentucky player, showing up for an exhibition at Rupp Arena in this electric blue suit.

"There are three suits that I've seen that I say, I don't know if I want to say gag me, but there's a white suit I saw," Calipari told reporters. "There was a gold suit that I saw. I don't know if it was yellow or gold where the pants were too long. The guy at West Virginia wore it. Then that suit right there. Those three right there."

Calipari himself is stylish enough to have advanced all the way to collegeinsider.com's Fashionable Four before, so it does appear he at least has the credentials to play fashion police.