St. John's recruit now dubbed "Sir"

College is a time of rebirth. You leave your parents and friends behind to set out on your own, free from the bonds of your old identity. You can become a new person with new interests, new values, new habits, new friends. You can become a new you.

Unless you go to your state school with the rest of your high school classmates. Then you're pretty much stuck.

Still, in general, college is a time to discover a new identity. Some take this maxim more literally than others. Count Dominique Pointer, a St. John's commitment likely to sign with Steve Lavin's program Thursday, among that group. (Update: As expected, Pointer did sign today.) As recently as three months ago, Dominique is no longer Dominique. Legally, he changed his name to Sir'Dominic Pointer. From Adam Zagoria:

“His mama said he wanted his name to be Sir’Dom,” Tony Nolan, Pointer’s father, said by phone. “It’s supposed to be like that from jump street.

“If it was up to me he would be named Anthony,” Nolan added. “Even though I have another son named Anthony he would’ve been Anthony 2. His mom did not go for it.”

Whatever the merits of Sir'Dominic, I think we can all agree that Pointer's choice is much better than having the same name as your brother with a "2" at the end of it. Not cool, Dad.