Division III game goes seven overtimes

Skidmore defeating Southern Vermont 128-123 in a seven-overtime thriller on Tuesday marked the longest game in Division III history and tied for the longest in NCAA men's basketball history.

The game -- which was tied at 59 at the end of regulation -- also offered some crazy stats.

How's this one? The official attendance of the game was 142. The combined number of field goal attempts missed was 145.

Want another? Southern Vermont senior guard Lance Spratling played in all 75 minutes of the game and racked up 31 points and 18 rebounds. He also missed all 13 attempts from beyond the arc and finished 10-of-40 from the field.

But really, it's the emotion of the game that tells the story.

It can be seen in the press releases, with Skidmore reporting that there were "SEVEN" overtime periods and Southern Vermont after a loss noting the game "was the longest game in history!"

How does it feel to lose a game like that? Try Southern Vermont coach Michael McDonough, who has seen plenty of historic games given that he served as a student manager at Notre Dame under Digger Phelps and Ara Parseghian.

"It's difficult to reconcile your emotions when you have just participated in such an epic event and lost," McDonough said in a statement. "But to a man, both teams will take a way something from tonight that they will never forget."

Skidmore coach Joe Burke, a former assistant at Navy and Cornell, was amazed as well.

"I kept telling the guys as each overtime passed to really enjoy the moment," he said in a statement. "They will never be involved in anything like that in their lives again. I kept telling them, 'This is fun isn't it?' But by the sixth overtime, I think that wore out."

In case you're wondering, the only other two NCAA basketball games to have ever reached a seventh overtime are: Black Hills beating Yankton 80-79 in 1956 and Cincinnati defeating Bradley 75-73 in 1981.