UC Irvine player's ridiculous tattoo

And I mean "ridiculous" in the most complimentary sense of the term, believe me.

The tattoo in question belongs to UC Irvine guard Darren Moore. Let's just say this: Darren must really, really like Spider-Man, because his level of dedication to the cause -- an intricate Spidey tattoo that mimics the Marvel web-crawler's famous suit design and chest logo, which covers Moore's entire torso -- is basically unheard of.

Moore asked Scott Roeder, a student photographer at UC Irvine, to take photos of him for a spread in a tattoo magazine. You can check out those photos on Roeder's blog here. (This isn't exactly new news, though it's just coming across my pixels this week; Roeder's blog post is actually from August of last year.) I don't know much about tattoos, and only a little more about photography, but I'm pretty sure these are nice examples of both. There are a lot of bad tattoos in the world -- bad ideas, bad executions, or both -- but this is not one of them. Well played, Darren. Well played indeed.

(Hat tips: SB SharpNation, The Dagger)