Prepare to love Taylor University

Why? Because Taylor University, an NAIA liberal arts Christian college in Upland, Ind., has perhaps the best hoops-slash-Christmas tradition in the whole wide world. That sounds like hyperbole, but it's not that far off.

What is this fabled tradition? It's called "Silent Night." Every year around Christmastime, Taylor students and fans pack the school's gym as they would any other game. Only on "Silent Night," the crowd dresses in pajamas and stays absolutely silent until Taylor scores its 10th point of the game. What happens then? Bedlam.

In fact, it's probably best you just watch the video for yourself:

Yep. Bedlam.

The Christmas-y fun doesn't stop there. In the closing moments of the game, Taylor fans unite for a singing of "Silent Night," and then reconvene for a school-wide Christmas party called Christmas Fandango where the school president reads the Christmas story, students compete in gingerbread house-making contests and children tell Santa what they want for Christmas.

In other words, if you don't like Christmas -- and yes, plenty of people do not like Christmas, including my roommate -- do not go to Upland, Ind., on "Silent Night." You probably wouldn't like it.

In the meantime, Taylor deserves credit for a thoroughly awesome college crowd tradition, one just begging for a big, well-organized Division I crowd to pay it tribute. Your move, Orange Krush.

(Hat tips: Matt Norlander, The Dagger)