Matthew Knight Arena floor walks fine line

Oregon unveils Matthew Knight Arena on Thursday, with the Ducks facing USC on their unique floor which represents the view of a fir tree forest.

Look at the floor again, though. Can you see a halfcourt line? It's apparently there, and the design is within NCAA rules, but it might take some time getting used to.

"Hopefully, it doesn’t confuse our players," Oregon coach Dana Altman mused. "I’m more worried about the players on the floor rather than the floor itself."

If Mac Court had its dead spots that Ducks in the past were accustomed to, maybe then they can also get used to using the design to their advantage.

Senior guard Jay-R Strowbridge is apparently thinking about it, according to The Register-Guard:

"I've never seen anything like it," Strowbridge said. "We were joking about finding out where the halfcourt line is at."

It is there, if not necessarily obvious from very far away. It could come into play, however, as the Ducks put a fullcourt press on an opponent or attempt to trap a ball handler shortly after he crosses the line.

"This was just our first time in here, but we were able to pick up on it," Strowbridge said. "Hopefully that will be to our advantage, and we can get turnovers because the other team isn't as aware of the court."