Wayne Chism: Time is waffles

Tennessee forward Wayne Chism doesn't seem to mind dealing with the media, but when you're Wayne Chism, you have priorities. Time is a scarce resource. You must use the day's allotted 24 hours in the most efficient manner possible. This requires economic choices.

Let it be known, then, that when faced with the decision between "talking to the media" and "scarfing mediocre breakfast food at Waffle House," Chism goes with the mediocre breakfast food every time:

WayneChism: "Every second I'm talking to you is another second I'm not at Waffle House."

That's from Chattanooga Times Free Press reporter Wes Rucker, who apparently didn't mind taking a back seat to hash browns, waffles and orange juice. And really, who would? Every one of those things is completely delicious. (Uh oh. I just got really hungry. Who's with me?)

(HT: Chris Dobbertean at SB Nation)