Steve Fisher rips Wyoming coach's firing

San Diego State coach Steve Fisher, a veteran head coach and national coach of the year candidate, stood up for one of his own on Monday, launching into a protest of Wyoming's firing of coach Heath Schroyer last week.

"For a coach to be fired with six weeks to go in the season is inexcusable," Fisher said his opening statement in a conference call with reporters. "We talk to our players about commitment, not cutting and running, and yet when things go south a little bit, often our administrators say, 'What do we do to please our biggest donor or the perception standpoint?'"

Fisher noted that Schroyer was given a contract extension after the 2009 season, a move Wyoming athletic director Tom Burman said last week was the right one at the time, but didn't look good now.

"This is not the NBA," Fisher said. "This is not the NFL. Yes, this will happen before and will happen again. That doesn’t make it right.

"It’s wrong. It should not have been that way. It should have been done in a professional manner. A six-week jump on the market is not worth it."

Schroyer noted to reporters last week that Fisher was given time to succeed on the job. Hours later, Schroyer's fourth season at Wyoming was cut short with the Cowboys having gone 8-15 at that point.

Under interim coach Fred Langley, Wyoming lost to New Mexico and beat TCU in a battle of last-place teams.