Tyshawn Taylor's Facebook goes bye-bye

This is a couple of days old now, but since it got lost somewhere in the deluge of great basketball on Saturday and Sunday, it's probably worth informing you: Tyshawn Taylor's Facebook account has met its swift and timely death at the hands of Kansas coach Bill Self, according to the Kansas City Star.

Why has Self deleted his player's social media profile? The reasoning is simple enough: According to some reports, Taylor apparently wrote something on his Facebook status about transferring from KU. Self was none too pleased about that development. He called the reports false and didn't mince words about his feelings for Tyshawn:

“You will never ask me another question about that,” Kansas University coach Bill Self said Friday during a pre-Iowa State media session in Allen Fieldhouse. “It won’t be a problem from this point forward. Ever,” he added, strongly implying he has told Taylor to cease and desist all social-media postings with severe consequences if the sophomore guard disobeys orders.

“I don’t think that that’s even remotely true,” Self said of Taylor Facebooking about a possible transfer. “But, if he has said that, which I do not think to be the case, then that’s the reason why he’s not playing well. Because his head’s not right. But I don’t believe he said that.

“What I think has happened is, he’s probably frustrated, probably said some things because of his frustration. Because of his popularity and things like this, everybody can take anything that any one of my players say and spin it in a direction that it wants to be [spun].

“I’m not remotely concerned about that. If any of our players are thinking about that [transferring], trust me, I will be the first to help them find a place when the season is over.”

Self's read on Taylor's frustration doesn't exactly require a graduate degree in psychology; Taylor told media earlier this season that he and others on KU's team didn't know their roles because there was so much talent on the floor. If you didn't know any better, it sounded like Taylor was complaining because Kansas was too good. It was slightly weird.

Nor is this the first time Taylor has managed to raise a ruckus via Facebook, either. In the offseason, when Kansas players -- including Taylor and guards Sherron Collins and Brady Morningstar, among others -- were under fire for a supposed fight with KU football players over a girl, Taylor famously wrote on his Facebook page that his enemies were "point plankn," which deeply confused everyone until Taylor revealed that he meant to write "point blank." Just a few keystrokes away!

Anyway, Taylor is now off Facebook, because Bill Self doesn't much like his players threatening to transfer via social media, or, I imagine, is he a fan of misspelled threats to football players. If you're going to threaten to transfer, say it to Bill Self's face. Because you won't. Because you're terrified of him. Because Bill Self is terrifying. See how this works?