Inside Ohio State's record-breaking game

In Sunday’s 93-65 victory over 10th-ranked Wisconsin, all Ohio State did was put on the greatest 3-point display in Division I history. The No. 1 Buckeyes made 14 of 15 from beyond the arc, which is nothing short of absurd. How absurd? Multiple-record absurd.

After Jon Diebler missed OSU’s first attempt with 13:42 remaining in the first half, the Bucks proceeded to nail their final 14, which set the Division I record for consecutive made 3-pointers. Diebler contributed seven of those and finished with 27 points. After hitting 10 of 12 from 3 in a win at Penn State on Tuesday, Dieber ended up 17-of-20 from downtown for the week. That’s just silly.

As for the team, here are the lists that these Buckeyes now head up after Sunday’s performance:

In case you are curious, here are the top three all-time performances from beyond the arc by a Big Ten team:

Here's another statistical nugget from ESPN researcher Mark Simon:

Ohio State, a team that entered the day shooting the 3-pointer at 40.5 percent, made 14 straight 3-pointers this afternoon. If you wanted to look at what the chances of the Buckeyes making 14 consecutive 3s are (not taking into account the opponent they were playing), you could use the following approach ...

The chances of an event with a probability of 40.5 percent happening in 14 straight instances is roughly 2.68 in a million (or 1 in approximately 373,000).

Research courtesy of Harold Shelton, Mark Simon, Jason Starrett and Lee Singer of ESPN Stats & Info.