Kentucky prints short-lived T-shirt

Earlier in the year, this blog poked some light fun at Tennessee's athletics department, which had printed T-shirts to commemorate the Vols' upset win over Kansas, as though that win was the spiritual sporting equivalent of a national championship, or something. But let's at least give this much to the Vols: They made sure to print a T-shirt that wouldn't be null in the matter of a day.

Kentucky? Not so much. The Wildcats went ahead and printed this fancy blue shirt after taking the top spot in the AP poll earlier this week. The shirt says "Back On Top: January 25, 2010, No. 1 Ranked Kentucky."

You can see why this is now a problem: Kentucky was No. 1 for about two days (OK, for the rest of the week, but you get the point) -- before losing its first game of the season, a thrilling upset at the (very tiny, adorable) hands of Devan Downey and the South Carolina Gamecocks. Which means the T-shirt is now void. But at least it seems accurate: Kentucky was ranked No. 1 on Jan. 25, 2010. They weren't ranked No. 1 much before or after that, but that's not what the shirt says, now is it?