Updated Tournament Challenge numbers

Victories by 11-seeds Virginia Commonwealth (over Purdue) and Marquette (over Syracuse) and 10-seed Florida State (over Notre Dame) on Sunday really shook up the Tournament Challenge brackets.

  • There are no brackets with a perfect Sweet 16. The number was down to three after VCU's win, and those final three were done after Marquette beat Syracuse.

  • However, of 5.9 million brackets filled out, there is one bracket with 15 of the Sweet 16 intact, and there are 107 brackets with 14 of 16 correct. Perhaps not surprisingly, the one with 15 of 16 is tied for first place in Tournament Challenge. The only miss on that bracket was West Virginia. (The other bracket tied for first place went 31-1 in the first round, then missed the Florida State, VCU and Richmond games in the Southwest.)

  • How many brackets had VCU in the Sweet 16? That would be 2.4 percent. As for Marquette, 6.2 percent had faith in the Golden Eagles.

  • A whopping 0.4 percent (22,434 brackets) had Marquette and VCU in the Sweet 16. That percentage is reduced to 0.1 percent (5,652) when you add Florida State to the mix. And about half that number (2,753) correctly tabbed all four of the double-digit seeds in the Sweet 16 (Marquette, VCU, FSU, Richmond).

  • Two teams from the city of Richmond, Va., are in the regional semifinals. There were 25,308 brackets (0.4 percent) that nailed that. Wonder how many live within the Richmond city limits?

Notes on Florida State's upset of Notre Dame:

  • 5.6 percent of brackets had Florida State in the Sweet 16.

  • Notre Dame was the seventh-most-popular pick to win it all (3.5 percent) and fifth-most-popular to reach the title game (11.3 percent).

  • 18,950 brackets have the Florida State-VCU matchup.

  • 2,811 brackets correctly had all four teams coming out of the stunning Southwest bracket (Kansas, Florida State, VCU, Richmond).

  • How many got all four correct in the other regions? In the Southeast, 0.7 percent; in the West, 17.6 percent and in the East, 2.9 percent.

President Obama's bracket

  • The president went 5-3 again on Sunday (missing on VCU, Marquette and Florida State). He has 10 of his Sweet 16 teams alive, six of his Elite Eight (no Pitt or Purdue), three of his Final Four (Kansas, Duke, Ohio State) and both of his title game participants (Kansas, Ohio State).

  • Obama is in the 99.9th percentile of the game, and his 490 points rank him 7,549th overall.

Notable brackets

Most popular title game picks still in play

  • Ohio State vs. Kansas: 20.4 percent

  • Duke vs. Kansas: 13.7 percent

  • Connecticut vs. Kansas: 4.5 percent

  • North Carolina vs. Kansas: 3.1 percent

  • San Diego State vs. Kansas: 1.7 percent

  • Ohio State vs. Florida: 1.6 percent

Top picks for national champion still in play

  • Ohio State: 25.9 percent

  • Kansas: 23.7 percent

  • Duke: 16.0 percent

  • Connecticut: 4.7 percent

  • North Carolina: 4.0 percent

  • Kentucky: 1.8 percent

  • San Diego State: 1.8 percent

  • Florida: 1.3 percent