Tournament Challenge: Two have all four

And then were two.

More than 5.9 million brackets were filled out for ESPN.com's Tournament Challenge, but exactly two went 4-for-4 in picking Final Four teams.

Only 1,093 brackets had three of the Final Four correct, while 2.1 percent had two right. A total of 27.6 percent had one Final Four team, while the vast majority of you -- 70.3 percent -- don't have a single team left.

The improbable VCU-Butler matchup definitely busted the most brackets, as just 192 brackets correctly predicted VCU and Butler to meet in the national semifinals. Overall, 36,732 (0.6 percent) had Butler in the Final Four, while just 5,791 (0.1 percent) picked VCU to go this far. Of the 192 brackets picking VCU and Butler in the Final Four, 112 picked Butler to win.

As for the other half of the bracket, 112,489 brackets (1.9 percent) had Connecticut and Kentucky meeting in the Final Four. Overall, 23.1 percent of brackets had UConn making it this far, compared with 8 percent for Kentucky. Of the brackets with the Huskies and Wildcats, 53.5 percent have Connecticut winning.

The leader in the game is one of the two people who picked all Final Four teams correctly. The bracket has VCU winning it all, defeating Kentucky in the championship game. Interestingly enough, the second perfect Final Four bracket is far from perfect elsewhere. That entry ranks 6,343th in Tournament Challenge.

Of the remaining teams, here's how many brackets had each winning it all or reaching the title game:

  • Connecticut: 4.7 percent (279,308) / 9.3 percent in title game

  • Kentucky: 1.8 percent (107,249) / 3.3 percent in title game

  • Butler: 0.07 percent (4,325) / 0.2 percent in title game

  • VCU: 0.02 percent (1,023) / 0.04 percent in title game

Potential title-game possibilities and number of brackets picking each scenario:

  • Butler vs. Connecticut: 881

  • Butler vs. Kentucky: 741

  • Connecticut vs. VCU: 152

  • Kentucky vs. VCU: 63

President Barack Obama's bracket:

The last of Obama's Final Four teams, Kansas (his national champion pick), was eliminated Sunday. The president will have no Final Four teams and finishes the tournament with 650 points. His bracket is ranked 305,047th overall (in the 94.9 percentile), although it will keep falling as the Final Four plays out.

Notable brackets:

Only Mike Golic has a team (Connecticut) that reached the Final Four, but he had the Huskies losing in the next round.