Jay-Z's visit with UK could cost him

And by "cost him," I mean the business, man won't even think twice before writing the check. Still, whether his accountant notices or not, Jay-Z is likely to be sending some stacks the NBA's way.

Why? See, Hov was in the Prudential Center Sunday, and after he watched Kentucky clinch a Final Four berth with a win over North Carolina, he decided to stop by the Wildcats' locker room and congratulate the team.

That led to this photo, which might be the single coolest photo any member of this Kentucky team will ever take. Everyone on the team needs to have that one framed immediately. That also led to a minor but noteworthy confirmation from NBA spokesman Tim Frank, who told the Associated Press that the NBA would be investigating Jay-Z's visit with the not-yet-draft-eligible Wildcats.

So, what's the punishment? It won't be too serious. As Kurt Helin at Pro Basketball Talk notes, Jay-Z wasn't there recruiting for the Nets, or attempting to sway either of the Wildcats first-round NBA draft picks (Terrence Jones and Brandon Knight). He was merely there as a fan. Still, Celtics GM Danny Ainge was fined $30,000 by the NBA for having a conversation with Kevin Durant's mother at the 2007 Big 12 tournament. Jay-Z's "offense" was a little more brazen: He was in the locker room, in direct contact with players, and he even paused to take a photo.

In other words, Mr. Carter will be paying quite a bit more than three stacks to the NBA league office shortly. Fortunately, as we know from basically every Jay-Z song ever, he can afford it.