Three people remain alive for the title

Just 881 out of more than 5.9 million Tournament Challenge brackets picked the Butler-Connecticut national title game matchup.

Overall, just 4,325 brackets (0.07 percent) have Butler winning the championship, and only 11,326 had the Bulldogs even reaching the title game.

In contrast, 4.7 percent of brackets (279,308) have UConn winning it all, with 9.3 percent (551,236) having the Huskies in the title game. UConn was the fifth-most popular pick to win it all before the tournament, ranking behind only the four No. 1 seeds.

In addition to the 881 brackets that got both games right, another 560,799 got one of two games right. A total of 9.48 precent of brackets got at least one of two national title game participants.

This bracket, one of the 881 to get both title game finalists correct, is the current leader in the game, and can win it all if UConn beats Butler in the championship game. However, if Butler beats Connecticut in the title game, either this bracket or this bracket -- currently tied for second place overall -- would be the winner. Tiebreakers would come into play.

Also worth noting, the leader heading into the Final Four (and of two brackets to have the entire Final Four) missed both games Saturday and falls from first place to 286th overall.

President Barack Obama's bracket:

He had no teams reach the Final Four, so his bracket is stuck at 650 points, ranked 724,525 overall, in the 87.8 percentile.

Celebrity brackets:

No brackets picked either UConn or Butler to reach the finals.