Snoop Dogg poses with UNC stars

North Carolina has somewhat dominated the college hoops news landscape in recent weeks, at least in the all-important department of blog-related whimsy. The best example came last week, when the Wall Street Journal chronicled the UNC players' excellent new practice of holding impromptu pickup basketball games at various outdoor courts on their Chapel Hill campus.

The latest comes today via NBC's Mike Miller, who found a trio of Tar Heels -- Harrison Barnes, John Henson, and Justin Watts -- posing for a quick shot with rap legend and budding roast comedy impresario Snoop Dogg. The photo was posted on Snoop's website with the caption: "Me w/ tha UNC homeyz - John Henson and Harrison Barnes." (Hey, Snoop -- don't forget about Watts! Where's the love?)

The last time we saw a rap star posing with college basketball players, Jay-Z was pictured in Kentucky's locker room after UK's surprise upset of Ohio State in the Sweet 16 in March. That visit eventually cost Jigga -- who is a co-owner of the Nets, and thus disallowed from interacting with amateur players -- a cool $50,000. Snoop Dogg is a lot of things, but as far as we know, he's not affiliated with an NBA franchise. So his bank account should be just fine.