Frank Martin remains happy at Kansas State

Kansas State coach Frank Martin was a junior varsity high school coach in Miami for nearly a decade, and no, that shouldn't be taken as a sign that he was desperate to get back to coaching in Miami.

MartinMartinRather, Martin mentioned his high school stint in an interview with 810 WHB to provide an example of how long he could remain on a job since he said he doesn't go around looking for greener pastures.

The speculation about his job candidacy at Miami ran wild before the eventual hiring of Jim Larranaga, Martin wanted to reiterate to the station that he was never a candidate for the job and that he remains happy at his current job.

"The one part that made my thought process even a lot easier was...my 12-year old who lives in Miami called me. And he said 'Daddy, I know the University of Miami needs a coach. I don't want you to come here. I want you to stay at Kansas State because I like it there better. And that alleviated any kind of selfish thoughts that I could ever have.

"I am as happy as any human being can be. I'm in a great place. I'm in a place my family loves. I come home every day, and my wife has happiness. That gives me peace to be able to do my job."

Much of the Martin-to-Miami speculation began because of the obvious connections he has with his hometown. He didn't exactly do much to tone down the idea that he would be interested, either.

But Martin told WHB he was merely telling the truth in answering those questions. Miami never called, and that was that.

So Kansas State fans, fear not. Martin is back. He's still got the stare too, even if the interview was done over the radio.

"We had about 1,000 empty seats when we played Kansas at home last year," Martin told WHB. "That cannot happen again. Those are probably the same 1,000 people that were upset with the last three weeks. But outside of that little group, I couldn't be in a better place. It's an unbelievable university. It's got great fans."