Kevin Nickelberry takes on bullying

Howard coach Kevin Nickelberry will visit local schools this week as part of his "No Bullying" campaign, continuing the work he did during the season when he hosted youth groups at games.

The issue is personal for Nickelberry, as he had his own experiences with bullying growing up.

Before the season, Nickelberry discussed the issue with huevoices.com and described how bullying had an effect on him while going through high school in Prince George's County, Maryland standing only 5-foot-3.

"It's not a good feeling when you're a young, small guy walking around with that feeling of fear that somebody's going to jump on you, and you have to protect yourself at all times.

"Bullying was a big thing. I had to become funny. I was the funny guy, so people would leave me alone. I want young guys out there who are dealing with it, young women out there to be themselves. Bullying is a big thing today. I want to affect the kids who are being bullied, but I also want to talk to the kids who are doing the bullying.

"It's something I believe in because I experienced it. I was a part of it. It's not a good feeling going to school every day rushing to class so that you don't get bumped in the hallway or you don't get thrown in the locker or you don't get your shorts pulled up or pulled down."

The school's announcement of Nickelberry going out in the community noted that it was his contention that the campaign would be worth it even if it only reached one youth.

Certainly Nickelberry's efforts could have a far-reaching impact, as he tweeted at the start of his campaign about trying to touch as many lives as possible.