Singler takes trick shots to Duke Chapel

You might remember Kyle Singler's first entry into the YouTube trick-shot pantheon. Titled "Kyle Gets Buckets," featuring a variety of trick shots in Cameron Indoor Stadium, let's just say the video lived up to its name.

Could a sequel live up to the original? Oh, yes, it could. And it does.

Titled "Kyle Gets Buckets 2.0," Singler's latest trick shot video features some of the most impressive (and, far as I can tell, impressively real) shots in the history of the form. There are shots from the diving board in Duke's swimming facility, shots from inside a bus, shots from over a tent, and -- in the coup de grace -- two impossible shots from atop Duke Chapel, the university's Gothic architectural trademark.

But don't take my word for it. See for yourself:

See? Kyle does indeed get buckets.

How did the "Chapel Shot," as Singler calls it, come about? The former national champion texted Duke's recruiting and communications coordinator Dave Bradley with the words "Dave, do you think we can get buckets from the top of the Chapel?" Bradley had to clear the request with the "very upper levels of the university" but found they were ultimately "cool" with the idea. From there, it was merely a matter of borrowing a portable hoop from the Duke store, sending Singler up on the roof with 15 basketballs, and pressing "record."

Singler missed his first three attempts, but made the fourth and fifth shots -- one in the air, one on the bounce -- and so a high-quality trick shot video was made.

I'm not sure what the profit opportunities on trick shot videos are, but if the whole playing-in-the-NBA thing doesn't work out, Singler might have already discovered his true calling in life. And if Singler does land on an NBA team -- he's a first-round bubble pick on Chad Ford's Big Board -- that team's marketing department should get fast to work on version 3.0. Singler is a one-man viral machine.

(Hat tip: The WSJ's Ben Cohen)