Afternoon Linkage: MSU by the numbers

  • The Michigan State fans at The Only Colors have a major beef with Big Ten referee Ed Hightower, who spent a solid 30 seconds yelling face-to-face with Tom Izzo after a questionable traveling call on Raymar Morgan Tuesday night. They probably have a point: If Izzo is being so unruly that you need to make a statement, a technical usually does the trick. Yelling face-to-face tends to waver more on the "look at me" side.

  • In any case, more relevant to last night's game is this TOC post from a few days ago, which dissects the reasons why Michigan State was ranked so high -- No. 5 in the coach's poll, for example -- and yet isn't particularly well-liked by the Pomeroys of the world.

  • While we're in Big Ten recap mode, let's throw it over to UMHoops' Dylan, who gives mournful voice to Michigan hoops fans the world over this morning: "The last month or so has been littered with games where Michigan reminds you how good they could have been. In this one, Michigan reminded us how bad they really are."

  • Big 12 Hoops takes a look at the conference's teams that have a shot at winning the national title. This post probably could have just been titled "Kansas." Instead it includes Missouri and Baylor and Oklahoma State and other obvious stretches. But hey, you gotta keep things lively, right?

  • Rider's Ryan Thompson is doing his best to make the MAAC more than a one-Siena league.

  • There's a legitimate chance both the UConn Huskies and the North Carolina Tar Heels will be playing in the NIT this season. After you take a deep breath and recover from that SHOCKING TRUTH, be reminded that while the average college basketball fan might not be pleased about this development, the NIT's organizers are, like, super-stoked, bro.

  • Mike Miller argues that Duke is still, by all measures, an elite program. Whether or not it's still fun to beat them is a different story.

  • One team in the Pomeroy top 20 that everyone might be sleeping on? Ohio State. Here's why.

  • Keep The Bench Warm plays around with the idea of a Big Ten expansion, and what that means for the future of the conference. Why, it means everything! Or nothing! Your specific freakout level is up to you.

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