Dodgers draft Mickey McConnell

Some guys have all the talent. It's just not fair.

Latest example: Mickey McConnell. McConnell played hoops at Saint Mary's for four years. One of the best shooters in the country in his final two seasons, McConnell was key factor in the Gaels's 2010 Sweet Sixteen run as a junior and the WCC Player of the Year and All-American honorable mention as a senior. This makes him one of, say, the best 400 or 500 basketball players in all of America? Factor in the NBA, carry the one. That's a guesstimation, but it's not far off.

So, naturally, after excelling at basketball for four years, McConnell was drafted to play ... professional baseball. Of course he was.

Yes, the Los Angeles Dodgers drafted McConnell in the 31st round of the 2011 MLB First Year Player Draft, a news release from the school informed us Wednesday. McConnell was surprised by the development, and he should be: The last time he played organized baseball was in his final game as a senior in high school, where he was a standout shortstop for Dobson High in Mesa, Ariz.

"It's exciting, I'm totally surprised, this was a little bit unexpected," said McConnell. "The last time I played was four years ago in high school. In the summers I would hit a little bit and do minor baseball stuff with my brother but nothing serious or organized."

According to the release, McConnell has no plans to switch careers quite yet. He isn't a lock to be taken in the NBA draft this summer, but he still has workouts with a variety of teams, including the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings. Plus, being picked in the 31st round far from guarantees you a shot at the majors.

Still, it's remarkable: McConnell is apparently so good at sports that he can play collegiately in one and entirely ignore the other ... and still get professional looks from both. Tip your caps, friends. That's just impressive. And, for the millions of us who gave up on our professional sports dreams somewhere around sixth grade, yeah it's a little unfair, too.