Syracuse vs. Nova to be a big deal

Why am I writing about a game that won't tip off until 9 p.m. on Feb. 27? Because if you want a ticket to see Syracuse play Villanova at the Carrier Dome, you better start trying now. About 34,000 people are already ahead of you.

The current ticket sales mark for Villanova's visit to Syracuse is 34,616. That would set a new attendance record for the Carrier Dome. The current mark of 33,633 was set in 2006, when the Cuse hosted Villanova on Gerry McNamara's senior day. One major factor makes this mark different: We're still three weeks away. If it's 34,616 now, how many will it be on Feb. 27? And just how do you fit an extra 1,000 people in an already-packed venue?

Interesting you should ask! (I know, I know: You didn't actually ask, and that was just a rhetorical trick. Work with me here, people.) Sean Keeley reports that some people are already discussing their tickets in "Section 332," which doesn't even exist on this basketball seating chart. (It can, however, be found on this football one). Maybe it's one of those standing-room-only deals like at the new Cowboys Stadium, except there won't be any cheerleaders dancing in cages to keep the masses entertained. Just college basketball. Which is probably a fair tradeoff.

Fortunately for members of Section 332, Syracuse University senior associate athletic director Pete Sala told Syracuse.com that everyone will be able to see the court:

"We will not sell obstructed view tickets and we won’t sell tickets just to be in the building,’’ Sala said. “We’ve never done that and we won’t do that."