Globetrotters select Andrew Goudelock

Andrew Goudelock, the Southern Conference player of the year from Charleston, has hopes of going from mid-major school to the NBA. He was the nation's fifth-leading scorer as a senior, showing the offensive firepower it took to possibly make it at the next level.

The Harlem Globetrotters can say they got to him first, announcing the 6-foot-2 guard as one of their "draft picks" on Tuesday. It's fun and games, of course, but it doesn't just mean Goudelock can always don the flag-colored uniform if he ever chose to do so. It's also recognition that he's one of the more entertaining players you can find anywhere.

"I'm going to score wherever I am, whatever level I'm on, because that's my game," Goudelock told MLive.com last week while working out for the Detroit Pistons. "I'm going to be able to shoot until the day I die."

Goudelock at the Final Four won the college 3-point championship, and the Globetrotters also selected college slam dunk champ Jacob Tucker from Illinois College along with dunk semifinalist Darnell Wilks from Cincinnati.

"Without UC, this new road would not have been presented to me," Wilks said in a statement. "I would like to thank the Harlem Globetrotters as well for this new opportunity to continue to showcase my basketball talents, and also strive to be a great ambassador for basketball. Even though the colors on my jersey might have changed, I still bleed red and black and will continue to support and represent the Bearcat Nation with pride."

The Globetrotters' headline draft pick was 7-foot-8 Paul Sturgess out of Mountain State University.

"The first day of practice, we are going to have Jacob Tucker and Paul Sturgess go one-on-one," Globetrotters director of player personnel Sweet Lou Dunbar said in a statement. "A 5-foot-11 dunking machine against a 7-foot-8 tower of shot blocking has YouTube written all over it."