Rick Pitino unhappy with Big East schedule

The Big East released its conference schedule today, and it's always an interesting deal to see which three opponents each team gets to face twice in the 18-game format for the 16-team league.

Louisville issued its press release noting it would play Syracuse, Pittsburgh and DePaul twice next season, and in paragraph 4 of the release, coach Rick Pitino made sure his feelings on the difficult schedule were known.

"We have one of the premier commissioners in athletics, but whoever's doing our scheduling must be doing it with a Ouija board," Pitino said. "How can you play two of the top three (projected) teams in the league twice and have to play another top team that's a rival game (at Cincinnati) on the road for a second straight year? It just doesn't make any sense to me. West Virginia has a similar argument. They must be doing it with a Ouija board."

Pitino is unhappy that the Cardinals' slate appears to him to be paranormal. He questions the fairness of the process. All in all, he's mystified.

It wouldn't be the first time Pitino has complained. In 2007, he said half-jokingly to boosters, "The Big East killed us this year with our schedule. It's not fair, it's not objective. These guys are my friends, or ex-friends. They're Italian. I will get revenge. It's just an unfortunate situation, but we’ll get through it."

Of course, Louisville isn't the only team this year that was assigned a difficult schedule. Syracuse after all has to play Louisville, defending champion UConn and Providence twice each. West Virginia's press release features a picture of smiling athletic director Oliver Luck as the Mountaineers twice will face Pittsburgh, Notre Dame and Rutgers.

In the Big East, it's never easy navigating through the conference schedule because of the large amount of quality teams. Some teams get it worse than others, and Pitino seems to enjoy making himself heard on the matter.