Checking in from the Peach Jam

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- They latched on to GPS systems just as they came into vogue, using the navigation systems to circumvent the highways, byways and back roads of Las Vegas.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that college basketball coaches are on the cutting edge for the latest technology.

Standing on the baseline during a game at the EYBL Peach Jam on Tuesday, Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg was busily typing into his iPad while Georgia coach Mark Fox looked on.

“I’d say 70 percent of the coaches here are using iPads,’’ said Fox, who photographs team rosters to save on his iPad and keeps track of his schedule there as well. “It’s so much easier.’’

Xavier coach Chris Mack was practically giddy about his ability to log a boxscore from a game he watched, save it on his iPad and email it ahead to his assistant coaches who were tracking a recruit the Musketeers were watching.

Greenberg, meantime, was busy writing notes about players he’d seen.

“If you need more information about a kid you’re watching, with the Internet, you can just go online and research,’’ Greenberg said.

Tip-ins: Always a well-attended event, the Peach Jam seems particularly packed with the college hoops elite this year. Virtually every folding chair lined up for the coaches was taken in every gym. Name a coach and he is probably here. … The summer circuit is always fun for the outlandish shoes the shoe companies assign their participating teams. Tuesday’s not in the fashionista column went to CIA Bounce, a Canadian summer-league team that sported red uniforms with what can best be described as neon peach/mango shoes. Doesn’t match in any language. … Wild matchup of the evening went to All Iowa Attack’s Adam Woodbury versus CIA Bounce’s Sim Bhullar. At 7-foot-1, Woodbury usually stands out in a crowd. Not in this game. The 220-pounder was no match for the 7-5, 300-pound Bhullar.