Steve Lavin's lost wallet causes nightmare

College coaches have it rough in July.

While shuffling from AAU tournament to AAU tournament looking for the next big thing, there's the cross-country red-eye flights, time spent away from the family, humidity and plenty of other nonsense to deal with.

For Steve Lavin, that miscellaneous category consisted of a lost wallet that caused a bit of a travel nightmare for the St. John's coach looking to catch a flight from Southern California back to the East Coast on Saturday, according to ZagsBlog.

"I lost my wallet in the Orange County Airport," Lavin said by text. "I retraced my steps to the airport searching for my wallet to no avail. Then I got our rental car brought back to be searched but no such luck.

"Then I went to the Orange County airport lost and found to fill out a missing items report for the Sheriffs on site at the airport."

After canceling his credit card, Lavin went through an extensive process of getting clearance to fly -- to San Francisco. Because his parents, Cap and Mary, live in the city by the Bay, he was permitted to fly there to obtain a copy of his birth certificate and social security card so he could travel again.

Lavin might have gotten a trip back to his hometown out of it, but he couldn't have been thrilled with the hassle that got him there. July is difficult enough with coaches doing their best to maximize every minute during the evaluation, so a delay of this level must have been maddening.

It wasn't all bad for Lavin, of course. On that same day his wallet went missing, he struck gold and picked up a commitment from top-100 recruit Ricardo Gathers, a power forward who likes Lavin's style.

The basketball gods sure do operate with a sense of humor sometimes.