Northwestern's new court could be purple

And not just a little purple. Like, all purple. All of it.

If you're wondering what such a thing would look like -- and why wouldn't you be? -- you're in luck. Northwestern's athletics department has posted all four of the designs it's considering for its new court and asked fans to visit the program's Facebook page to vote on which one they like best.

The designs range from the conservative to the forward-thinking to the downright ridiculous, with this number -- the purple court with the white 3-point area -- falling squarely into the latter category. Of course, there are upsides to having a ridiculous court. Oregon, for its part, parlayed its kind-of-cool-but-mostly-silly "Tall Firs" court into a mess of national attention (and a nonexistent 3-point line). The Wildcats could probably use that kind of profile boost, however fleeting it may seem.

But an all-purple floor? Could you even watch that on TV? Would you want to?

Anyway, you've got to give Northwestern credit for making this process somewhat democratic. It's a scary thing, democracy. All it takes is a few hilarious college kids, and next thing you know, a "Star Wars" character is your school's mascot. (It's a trap!) I eagerly await whatever end result NU's feedback produces.

(Hat tip: The Dagger)