Villanova captain Armwood to transfer

Transfers are hardly rare in college hoops these days, and each season they only become less so. Still, it is rare to see a transfer this late in the offseason calendar. It's also rare to see a team captain decide he's better off elsewhere.

Alas, both are true of Villanova forward Isaiah Armwood, who came to an agreement with Wildcats coach Jay Wright that it was best for him to pursue his basketball career elsewhere, according to Jeff Goodman. Wright doesn't want Armwood to leave, but he understands his player's reasons:

"He’s the greatest kid in the world," Wright gushed. "He’s our hardest-working guy, our captain. We started him every game on our trip. I love him to death."

"I just want to see him achieve his goals," he added.

Armwood did start every game of Villanova's exhibition trip to France and the Netherlands this month, but he still played relatively limited minutes. Armwood was a starter in seven games in 2011, but he had a minimal impact in his 17 minutes per game. (Although he did rebound the ball well, especially on the offensive end.)

Still, Armwood wants a chance to shine. Despite his hard work and his excellent relationship with Wright, he hasn't found that at Villanova. The chance to shine somewhere else -- or at least get enough playing time to have a chance to do so, come what may -- was enough to make him willing to sit out a year before his final two years of eligibility somewhere else (provided he leaves before the season begins, of course).

Some transfers are questionable. Some are the product of acrimony, misunderstanding, broken promises or bad recruiting. Some are just downright sad. But this one actually makes sense. Hey, not all transfers are bad.