Denver Nuggets coach college coaches

With the NBA lockout in place, Denver Nuggets coach George Karl and his staff recently found time to open up their doors and playbooks and hold a coaching clinic for the region's college coaches.

According to nuggets.com, about 20 coaches were in attendance representing schools including Colorado, Colorado State, Denver, Northern Colorado -- with Wyoming coach Larry Shyatt making the drive from Laramie.

Karl, one of just seven coaches in NBA history to win 1,000 regular-season games, has always been an advocate of giving back to the game. It is a tenet of "The Carolina Way" taught by Hall of Fame North Carolina coach Dean Smith.

"Probably twice a year, Coach always said go back and thank someone who helped you," said Karl, who played for Smith from 1969-73. "Make sure you touch someone through the game of basketball. That message sticks with you."

For two days, Karl and the Nuggets generously shared knowledge, watched film and talked about offense and pick-and-roll strategies with their college counterparts at the Pepsi Center workshop.

The outreach program was about building relationships and giving back to the basketball community. The college coaches soaked up information they can now take back to their own players.

"The NBA's different, but in of respects, it's the same," Denver coach Joe Scott said. "Basketball's basketball. We got together and talked about offense and the Nuggets' offense and the Nuggets' ideas and principles offensively...There's a lot of things that they do that we already do, and it's just a matter of, 'How do you implement some of those things into what we do.'

"It was actually a little bit of validation for us to go down there and say, "Hey, these are some of the same things we've been talking about doing."